• Director

    Sasie Sealy

    Tinder-ის ჯილდოების მფლობელი Swipe Night-ის სერიების გადასაღებად სეიზი სილი (Lucky Grandma) შემოგვიერთდა.

  • Main Cast


    Caught in his friendly lure one moment, and his contempt the next, Benjy’s magnetic personality has created some drama amongst his friends. In the end, some friends are more devoted than others.

  • Main Cast


    Aimes is your edgy, vaping, no-nonsense friend who seems to have the 411 on all the spicy dynamics in Benjy’s party crew. She’s the friend you go to when you need a slice of reality.

  • Main Cast


    Phoebe is Benjy’s ex and your standard wanna-be influencer: skinny, pretty, and always armed with a phone. But some may think her relationship with Benjy is still a little bit too cozy.

  • Main Cast


    Otis is good-natured, protective, and Benjy’s oldest friend. No matter how bad things get, he always seems to be around to catch Benjy when he falls.

  • Main Cast


    Tex is Benjy’s new boyfriend post-Phoebe: handsome, academic, and a little insecure about his new relationship. He doesn’t spare a chance to let you know they’re on shaky ground.

  • Main Cast


    Benjy’s saucy, British music manager seems to be just there for the champs. Nobody knows her well, but she’s pretty unpredictable when she gets turned up.

  • Main Cast


    ფრანსისკო ფიბის ახალი შეყვარებულია: სიმპატიური, იდუმალი აუთსაიდერი შეფის დანით და ეშმაკური ღიმილით. როდესაც საქმე ცუდად მიდის, რთულია არ იფიქრო, რომ ეს მისი დამსახურებაა.

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